Corporate Gifting: We need a hero

Corporate gifts are still an excellent way to stand out to your clients. It was recently reported that the corporate gift market ballooned to become a AUD $361B industry in 2021, and may surpass AUD $448 B by the end of 2024.

Because of the popularity of this strategy, these days you need to bring the wow factor with your gifts for clients, partners and customers. Lately, we have been collaborating with businesses to come up with packs that include a ‘hero’.

The hero gift

If you’re not familiar with the term, a hero item sets the theme of a corporate gift pack. It is the most impressive part of a bundle of gifts, and makes the whole package pop.

The trick with a hero gift is to pick a theme, select a stand-out item that’s usually of good quality and work around it. Creating a gift this way really shows your clients that you care about doing business with them.

Corporate gifting with a hero item

Having a hero is a way to be creative and stand out. Here are some ideas:

Wine: A premium bottle of wine, perhaps with an embossed or personalised label, is a good place to start. Add a bottle opener, some wine glasses and a bar towel to your package. Cheese and other nibbles will complete the set if you have the extra budget.

Travel bag: A well-made travel bag is an excellent gift for corporate travellers and has the added benefit of being able to hold other gifts. To go with a travel bag, you might add a sleep mask, earplugs, travel socks, a water bottle or a toiletries bag. With people getting back on the road for work post-pandemic, this gift will be appreciated.

Beach towel: With a high-quality beach towel as the hero gift, you have established a beach theme. A hat or visor, some sunglasses, a reusable water bottle and a picnic blanket can all complement a beach towel for your theme.

Hoodie/Jacket: A branded hoodie or quality waterproof jacket is the perfect gift for wintertime. Bundle it with some warm socks, a pair of gloves, a travel mug, or even some coffee beans or hot chocolate, and you have a winter gift pack to impress.

Leather wallet: A fine leather wallet pairs well with travel tags or keyrings. You could also add a flash drive or a torch. Embossing and personalisation will add to the impact of the gift.

Tech: There are lots of big-ticket tech items you could choose as a hero gift. Headphones, cameras or keyboards, for instance. A tech hero gift can be complemented with a mouse pad, a thumb drive, charging cables or a power bank.

Stationery: A beautiful quality branded pen is always appreciated. This type of item is easily complemented with other stationary such as notepads, stress balls, memo pads with sticky notes, or bookmarks.

Eco gift: With an eco theme, you can choose a broader array of gifts, as long as they fit the environmentally friendly tag. You might choose a jacket made from recycled materials as the hero and then a reusable drink bottle, an eco notebook and some eco desk accessories to pull it all together.

The hero gift is the one that stands out. It should be great quality and longer-lasting than the other gifts. Use it as your feature and have some fun building the full package.

Need corporate gifting ideas?

We love to come up with creative concepts and flesh them out in ways that have never been done before, especially when it comes to personalising different gift items. We can also help you set up your own corporate store so your team can order branded items and create gift packs for clients. Take a look at our latest blog to find out more.

Contact Honeycomb now to explore our range of creative and unique corporate gifts.

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