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Fundraising Merchandise Campaigns

Fuss-Free Ordering of Your Branded Merchandise Online

Whether consolidating staff orders, offering a redemption program for clients or planning to sell branded products, an easy setup and streamlined online store process is what you need.

Choose products from Honeycomb’s extensive range and have them decorated with your brand, message or design. We can help with recommendations, or if you prefer something custom, we also offer sourcing and design services. Promote your online campaign and we do the rest!

Created for the term of your campaign, the webstore allows you to direct people to an online store with your branding, accepting coupon codes and payment methods (as required).

  • Product images, descriptions and pricing uploaded in accordance with your approvals
  • You choose whether to offer residential deliveries or consolidate orders at your business locations
  • Professional look, supported by our proven processes behind the scenes
  • Order transparency with full reporting and strong communication throughout

Honeycomb Your Store allows you to extend you offers to broader audience, supported by add-on services to make sure your products are designed, produced and delivered as requested.

Raise More Funds With Simple Online Merchandise Campaigns

Fundraising websites are a great alternative to in-person collection points or door-to-door sales. They allow you to provide a link to be easily shared and provide users with security to enter their own payment details. You can restrict access by requiring a password to shop and manage the campaign term by closing the shop on a specified date. Ideal for schools, clubs, community organisations or charities.

Honeycomb offers quality branded merchandise for your store and can provide delivery direct to the purchaser or bulk shipping to your nominated address for your own distribution (e.g. schools or clubs where students or members will collect orders).

Streamline your efforts with:

  • Reliable merchandise, on brand and suited to your market
  • Superior service from our team as we establish your custom online store
  • Secure checkout and data management (no cash handling or deposit reconciliation hassles)
  • Excellent communication with you and your shoppers so delivery timeframes are clear

If you are looking for fresh ways to approach your fundraising and want to outsource the stress, why not talk to our team today so we can walk you through the process!

Fundraising Merchandise Campaigns