Corporate Stores

Our Solution To Your Merchandise Management

Want to avoid last minute panic when your staff need branded event merchandise (but forgot to arrange it)? No more noisy tape gun in the office, packing merchandise for your next national roadshow campaign. Your time is needed for more important tasks. We can do all of this and keep you informed along the way.

At Honeycomb, we pride ourselves on offering solutions to make merchandise management as easy as possible for our valued clients. With years of experience in Corporate Events & Marketing, we understand the many and varied demands on your time and budget require a streamlined service solution.

Just Some Of The Ways We Can Help

On-going merchandise requirements (Corporate Stores)

  • Approved merchandise, branded in accordance with your guidelines
  • Customised online ordering from your ‘store’ available to authorised staff
  • Inventory management, distribution and support from the team at Honeycomb

Bulk orders and roll-out campaigns

  • Design and production assistance to get custom products on brand
  • Online ordering facility to distribute to franchisees, buying group members, etc.
  • Consolidated ordering for savings and ease of logistics

Club & Association Programs

  • Uniforms, your logo on kits and resources (full packages available)
  • Branded merchandise for events and welcome packs
  • Fundraising initiatives with support from online ordering and consolidated shipping

Tailored solutions

  • Tell us your challenges and we’ll help find solutions

Talk To Us Today About Simplifying Your Corporate Store, So You'll Never Need To Pack A Box Again.

Our programs allow your team to login to your online portal, see stock on hand and place orders for onboarding packs, promotional items, uniforms, stationery and more.