Must-have merchandise for your Corporate Store

Corporate Merchandise portals are more than an online corporate gift store. Logistics and Warehousing ensure you have a complete merchandise management solution.

Corporate Stores save you time, money and the need to be a logistics and warehousing expert. But what makes a well-rounded online swag store? Check out our list of must-have merchandise to get your team proudly displaying your brand.

What is a corporate store?

A corporate store is like a private online shop for your team. It allows your staff to order exclusive products, branded with your company logo. Companies like Google have extensive corporate stores and have even expanded to sell to the public.

You can add a range of products that your staff members might be interested in or need to your corporate store, then they can order them and pay for the products themselves and have them delivered to their homes or the workplace. You might also offer vouchers or give access to certain items as rewards or to mark career milestones.

Having a corporate store is an effective way to encourage your team to sport the company logo, and an easy way for them to upgrade their branded apparel as needed. It will save your HR or admin team from constantly handling orders and requests; all they have to do is direct people to a link.

What to stock in your corporate store

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what to stock in your corporate store. Almost any product can be branded but the following list gives you a good place to start:

Apparel: Branded apparel is the best way to make your staff feel like a team. Start with t-shirts in a couple of colours, then add hoodies and caps. Depending on your business, you may wish to add polo shirts, jackets and fun items like beanies or socks.

Stationery: Everyone needs pens, notepads and other stationary bits and pieces. Having a corporate store means your team members can stock up at any time. You may also wish to put a policy in place about staff being able to order items to share with their clients or customers.

Tech accessories: USBs, earphones, chargers and other tech accessories are always useful in the modern workplace. These can be great as rewards for team members to ‘unlock’ throughout their time with the business.

Useful, fun products: There are so many options for branded merchandise. Beach towels, water bottles, bottle openers, picnic bags, stress balls, all these items can be fun and useful, and your staff may even end up buying ‘cult’ items for friends and family.

On-trend, limited edition: Everyone loves a rare or exclusive item. You can stock limited edition items in your store and even choose products according to the season or current trends. A limited-edition Christmas beach towel is a good example.

Food: Choose some tasty goods and snacks, and your team will look forward to their next delivery. Go for products with a long shelf-life, of course.

Set up your corporate store today

At Honeycomb, we are corporate store experts. We make it easy to set up your corporate store by talking through with you exactly what you need, curating a collection of branded items and then establishing the store on your behalf. Our solution is user-friendly and flexible so it matches your requirements.

Contact Honeycomb to start planning your corporate store today.

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