Corporate Packs

Successful Onboarding Packs

‘Start as you mean to continue’

Employees are your business’ most valuable asset. Empower new employees to feel like a valued, welcomed member of the team with an onboarding pack, providing supplies required for the role, coupled with branding and personalisation.

Successful onboarding of an employee will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Provide insight to your businesses culture
  • Minimise stress
  • Reduce employee turnover

“New employees with good onboarding experience are 18X more committed to their employer.”
Source: Bamboo HR

Pack & Kit Ideas

Some Business Ideas

  • Real Estate: new owner/ tenant packs
  • Gyms: member welcome packs, milestone membership gift sets
  • Childcare: welcome new children, good luck at school tools
  • Retail: Gift with purchase packs, loyalty programs

HR solutions

  • On-boarding packs for new staff members
  • Training session essentials
  • Team-building activity day supplies
  • End of year celebratory or recognition packs

Clubs & Teams

  • New member kits and supporter gear
  • End of season or recognition prize packs

The possibilities are endless! Ask us for suggestions to suit your business or organisation.

Tailored Packs and Kits

A carefully considered, beautifully presented pack can make a huge impact. Honeycomb can help.

We can find the best product mix, execute your branding and even make up the packs for you! You choose the contents or tell us your budget and leave it to our team.

Empower your new hires with an onboarding pack, give your employees something special for milestones in their journey or use kits for welcoming and team building.

Our experience in promotional products and current gifting trends will ensure your pack is both useful and memorable.