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Corporate gifting Australia

Don’t underestimate the power of corporate gifting.

Having a corporate gifting strategy is effective on a number of levels. It has positive benefits for your staff and clients as well as your business overall.

Take a look at some information about what corporate gifting is, why it makes sense and how to get it right.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting involves giving gifts to clients, partners and other business contacts as a gesture of goodwill.

The options for corporate gifts are endless but your gifts will have a more positive impact if they have personalisation and thought behind them.

The companies in Australia that get corporate gifting right stand well apart from the competition and strengthen relationships with the people who play a role in their success.

Five reasons to make corporate gifts part of your strategy

1. Impress the people who matter

Sharing a gift helps your professional contacts feel appreciated and valued. More often than not, they will respond by doing something nice for you, whether it is returning a phone call more promptly or recommending you to a friend.

In some cultures, gifts are expected as part of business dealings. This is something to be aware of when working with new clients.

A personalised gift is even more special. Consider embossing and monogramming items so they have more meaning. The other option is to personalise by choosing a gift you know your clients will find useful (more on that shortly).

2. Support your staff

Employees are under constant pressure to achieve more with less. Giving them the opportunity to reward and recognise their clients or suppliers helps them feel supported in their work.

You can also save some of your corporate gifts to give to top performers in your team. They can be repurposed as staff rewards or to mark career milestones.

3. Build brand awareness

Gifts of high-quality products or ones that create interesting talking points will get your brand noticed. When you send out branded corporate gifts, you’re encouraging people to ask, “Where did you get that?” and you’re putting your logo in offices and even homes so people can become more familiar with it.

4. Stand out

Capture attention and set yourself apart from the competition by implementing a corporate gifting strategy. This will make your brand more memorable and help form those all-important personal bonds with your business contacts.

5. Create easier wins

Corporate gifts absolutely provide return on investment. By expressing your gratitude to your customers, you are fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business. An existing client is always worth more than a new one, so let people know you value their business. You may even wish to arrange an annual delivery of a hamper or stationery pack that they begin to look forward to.

According to Forbes, over 80% of survey respondents said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, while 48% say gifting delivered a substantial benefit.

How to get corporate gifting right

Christmas is not just around the corner but it will be very soon. With delivery timelines still catching up after COVID, it’s not too early to spend some time thinking about corporate gifting and how you can use it to your advantage.

The following tips will help you get your strategy right:

Plan ahead

Work with a good provider to choose gifts and make sure what you want is available at the right price and in the right quantities. Order with plenty of lead time so you’re not disappointed.

Get creative

Think outside the box! There are so many new and fun ideas that your clients will love. Speak to your promotional gift provider about the latest concepts and products for corporate gifting in Australia.

Ask your staff for ideas

Your team often understands your customers the best. Brainstorm with them to come up with concepts for meaningful and memorable gifts.

Upgrade to personalised gifts

Generic is out and individual is in. Think about the journey you and your client have been on and choose gifts to reflect this; for example you could introduce a ‘wellness’ gift if times have been tough or go more upbeat with something fun and colourful if you have achieved a lot together over the past 12 months.

Want to choose impactful corporate gifts to round out 2022? Contact Honeycomb Agency today.

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