4 reasons why corporate gifting works

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Corporate Gifting is a label that is getting increased attention.  The concept though, is by no means a new one.  This decade has hit the fast forward button on how we ‘do’ corporate gifting, forcing agencies and customers alike to rethink their strategies.

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What is corporate gifting?

Put simply, corporate gifting is sending someone a gift from your business. This someone may be an employee, a valued customer, a supplier or possibly a prospective client.  Sending a corporate gift creates a touchpoint and a chance to reward, congratulate, thank or even surprise the grateful recipient.

The recipe to successful corporate gifting relies on timing, the consideration given to the type of gift and adding a touch of personalisation.

Investing in thoughtful corporate gifts can make good business sense.  Check out why businesses embrace corporate gifting and why we all like to be on the receiving end.

Corporate gifts can reflect your organisations personality

REASON ONE: Gift giving shows you value the individual

No one likes to be taken for granted, considered just another cog. We need to feel that what we do matters, makes a difference, and is appreciated. Corporate gifting can remind recipients that their contribution counts.  Forbes found that two out of three employees would quit if they did not feel appreciated enough.  And as staggering as this number is, for millennials this number jumps to 76%.

A recent survey conducted by Microsoft found more than 40% of people expected to look for a new job after COVID, isn’t it worth ensuring your staff feel appreciated and connected?

REASON TWO:  Promotes a positive work culture

People who feel valued are more likely to be happier and more productive in the workplace.  As team members are rewarded for exceeding targets, going above and beyond or simply just thanked for doing their job well, the buzz gifting creates, fosters a team who wants to be there and wants to achieve time and time again.

REASON THREE: Sets you apart from your competitors

Maintaining a competitive edge whilst the marketplace explodes with new entrants and technology can be an enormous challenge.  Regular corporate gifting can remind clients why they choose to do business with you and not your competition.

Similarly good team members can be hard to find and keep. Gifting reminds employees why they continue to choose your workplace over others.

REASON FOUR: Strengthens relationships

If a clients’ only interaction with your business is a monthly invoice, then this transactional relationship may be on shaky ground. Alternatively, regular check-ins and thoughtful gift giving will strengthen the relationship and so becoming less likely to take their business elsewhere.

And for those with whom you don’t yet have a relationship, gifting can also encourage prospective clients to become customers. A personalised introduction gift can help your business stand out and be recalled fondly when the time comes for them to do business with you.

Combine the virtual cocktail event with your own personal at home kit

Corporate gifting option ideas

The opportunities to indulge your team members or clients in corporate gifting are only limited by your imagination.  Some popular pack ideas include;

  • Are you OK packs
  • Welcome packs
  • Entertainment packs
  • Virtual Toast packs
  • Virtual Cocktail making packs or Wine Appreciation
  • Care packs
  • Morning tea hampers
  • Home baked Scone & morning tea packs
  • Summer ready kits
  • Snack packs
  • Festive packs
  • Promotion packs
  • Anniversary packs
  • Team Achievement packs
  • Wellness boxes
  • Working From Home kits
  • Indulgence hampers
  • Boredom Buster packs
  • Family Fun packs
  • Corporate Merchandise packs

And remember to add a touch of personalisation!  Honeycomb Agency can engrave and emboss your items to add that extra something to your next gift pack.

Personalise branded merchandise for that extra touch

So many ideas, but where to start

With all these ideas buzzing around, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed at this point.  Choosing your gifting option is of course step one.  Packs still need to be personalised, packaged and sent to any number of addresses.  This need not be a gargantuan task though.  You need only send Honeycomb your data and our team of elves will make sure that ‘Wendy’ receives her Wendy Wellness Pack at her Waitara home.

Corporate Gifting opportunities are plentiful, varied and created with thought, can reflect your corporate culture and values.  Reach out to Honeycomb Agency to create a gift pack uniquely for you.

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