10 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your Next Adventure

must-have travel accessories

Branded items are one of the best ways to get your logo out there… So why not see just how far your promotional merchandise actually can go?

This year, the trend is to share branded travel items that increase exposure and come in handy.

With everyone keen to see the world again, it makes sense to add some creative and useful travel items to your list for 2023.

Travel merchandise to promote your brand

Travel merchandise to promote your brand

You’ll find a huge range of travel-themed gifts available through Honeycomb. Here are some of our favourites:

    • Luggage/Luggage tags: The Travel Trolley 300D RPET is a handy suitcase with plenty of compartments and wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre. This bag will pair perfectly with an environmentally friendly bamboo or cork luggage tag.
      The bonus of gifting luggage and tags is your logo being seen by hundreds of people as it makes its way around conveyor belts and hotels.
    • Travel locks: A travel lock is also extremely practical for those on the go. If you have clients who travel frequently, give them a key-style lock, or a combination lock.
    • Travel wallets: Travel wallets can come in a range of styles. You might choose a large leather wallet or a slimline piece.
      If you are hosting an event that people have to travel to, a document wallet or passport wallet can be included in a pre-event gift pack.
    • Toiletry bags: Toiletry bags are another essential for anyone who travels. Our range includes:

      These can be nice as a welcome gift for staff who will have to travel for work.

    • Sunglasses: With a pair of sunglasses, you can have your clients advertise your brand right at eye level. The Honeycomb Store has more sunglasses options than you can count, including a wide array of eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses.
    • Beach towel: Don’t forget to bring a towel! Having your own towel when you travel can be a lifesaver, so your clients and team members will always appreciate the gift of a beach towel. Try this hooded towel for adults as part of your next promotion for clients or staff.
    • Winter apparel: Travellers have to deal with all sorts of weather. A James & Nicholson men’s or women’s Winter Softshell Jacket will come in handy for any client heading somewhere cold. Again, it’s an excellent strategy to showcase your brand to the entire world. Check out the Honeycomb Store for more branded winter clothing options.
    • Comfort neck pillow: The Comfort Neck Pillow is inflatable and easy to add your logo to, making it an easy and practical gift for clients or staff who travel.
    • Double wall tumbler: No more spills or waste. The Carry Double Wall tumbler takes the travel mug to a whole new level with a useful handle that makes it easy to carry when you are travelling or getting on or off a plane.

Travel gifts are great for staff and clients, and don’t forget to keep some for yourself to use when you’re in transit.

Travel is surging again in 2023. Make the most of it and gain international exposure with branded items that suit your business. Contact Honeycomb Promotional Marketing Agency to find out more.

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