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Branded gifts and merchandise allow businesses to connect with people in tangible ways that can engage all five senses.

However, sending a beach towel in winter isn’t quite as exciting as something that can be used to ward off the winter blues. Now that we’re well into 2022, have a look at some seasonal merchandise ideas to suit the season, the mood and calendar celebrations.

We’ll start with Easter, which is just around the corner.

  • Chocolate: The first go-to for Easter gifts has to be chocolate and easter eggs. A box of handcrafted easter chocolate bars or a chocolate rabbit will always be a welcome Easter gift. You can add a little whimsy as well with a customisable Easter box.
  • Plush bunny: If you aren’t keen on sharing food gifts, you can still get your brand name out there with a rabbit plush. These come with fully customisable t-shirts in a rainbow of colours so your clients or staff can enjoy a cuddly Easter gift that proudly displays your logo.
  • Stress balls: Another idea that might be a little different is a rabbit or chicken stress ball. These are within the Easter theme while being one of the more memorable merchandise ideas.

Why not create a little gift pack for your top clients to congratulate them for making it through Q1 of 2022!

Seasonal merchandise ideas

The same as with Easter, there are ways to cater your merchandise ideas to the changing seasons.

Check out some branded gift ideas that appeal for the seasons:

  • Camping gear: Autumn is a popular time for camping. There are so many merchandise ideas; it’s hard to narrow them down. Folding chairs are a popular option as are camping mugs. You could also give the gift of light with a camping lantern or LED light.
  • Anti-stress: Autumn in Australia also means it is almost the end of the financial year. A branded stress ball or anti-stress keyring can be just the thing to help your clients get their accounting done before the June 30 deadline!
  • Umbrella: Branded umbrellas are the perfect corporate gift for Autumn (or if you’re on the east coast of Australia, any time!) With winter on its way, everyone can use a spare umbrella. From colourful sports umbrellas to a handy compact option, there is a choice to suit everyone.
  • Throw blanket: With cold weather at the door, everyone can use another blanket. A handy travel fleece is one of the better merchandise ideas for any client or team member who is often travelling.
  • Beanie or scarf: You can also help your clients or staff stay warm with a branded beanie or scarf. Get your logo out there and help people wrap up at the same time.
  • Jackets: Your clients or team will love a men’s or lady’s winter jacket. It’s the perfect winter gift because it can be worn right away.

Branded jackets are also a really nice way to unify your team. You can consider giving them out to mark milestones like a year of service or a completed project. They will become a coveted item.

  • Gardening: Spring is when people start to emerge from their homes. Often the garden needs attention after the winter so some gardening equipment can be helpful at this time of year. A set of garden tools will be welcomed in spring.
  • Tools: As the weather warms up, many people are also hard at work on home maintenance. Why not help them out with a handy tool kit?
  • Picnic gear: Picnic season begins in spring so picnic blankets and picnic sets will never go astray. Foldable picnic blankets are all the rage these days. For a picnic set, you can go with a handy backpack or a more traditional basket.
  • Water bottle: Hydration is vital in the Australian heat. It may be a common choice but a drink bottle is still a solid summer gift that is always welcomed. Make your choice stand out by going with an eco-friendly water bottle.
  • Beach towel: It’s time to crack out the beachwear. Beach towels, beach umbrellas, and even beach balls can make ideal summer gifts.
  • Hats: Bucket hats and caps are perennial favourites or you could try a straw hat for those clients or staff who like to get out on the golf course.

But it’s not just about the weather outside. Keep an eye firmly on the calendar to harness additional opportunities to recognise your team and clients such as Halloween, Christmas or International Women’s Day.

Need some fun and creative seasonal gift ideas? Contact Honeycomb Agency today.

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