The many benefits of branded corporate apparel

Corporate Branded Apparel should be a part of your overall business strategy to get your brand front and centre.

Your logo is one of the most powerful ways for customers to identify your brand, so you need it to be front and centre as much as possible. To really make the most of it, it makes sense to incorporate branded apparel as part of your overall business strategy.

Take a look at some of the many benefits of branded apparel:

Get your brand out there

When your team is wearing your logo, you’re having your brand seen wherever they go. Team members in branded apparel are walking billboards for your company. If you have a friendly, positive and hardworking team, new and existing customers will take note of the logo on their attire.


When they are wearing their branded apparel, your team is easy to identify. Whatever room they walk into, their uniform will clarify who they are and where they work. If you have visitors at your workplace, they will know right away who your employees are and who to talk to. On the other side of the coin, when your team members visit another business, they are immediately recognisable.


A team member with branded apparel presents an air of professionalism. People see the brand and assume competence. Furthermore, when a team member is wearing branded apparel, they know they are representing your company and will be more aware about the way they act.


Being in uniform also lends an immediate sense of credibility to your employees. Branded apparel makes your team members come across as trustworthy and reliable. Customers and clients see a uniform as representative of a company that cares and is dedicated to quality.

Morale and team building

When your staff are all dressed in branded workwear, they feel like part of a team. A sense of belonging is a huge factor in team morale and nothing makes you feel like you belong more quickly and effectively than a uniform.

You don’t even need to have a uniform that is worn every day. Order your staff some branded apparel they can wear to promotional events or put on when they are meeting clients. Even a comfy company hoodie to wear at home and on ‘dress down’ days gives people the feeling that they are valued.


An assigned uniform makes it much easier for team members to get dressed and get going in the morning. They don’t need to worry whether a certain top, dress, pair of jeans, or shirt is the right choice for the workplace. They have their work gear ready to go and know that they will be representing the company.


In a similar vein, a work uniform is an equaliser. For more established team members, spending hundreds of dollars on suits and dresses may be fine. For other people, budgets may be tighter. Having a set uniform helps all employees, from the CEO down, to dress at the same level. This can improve camaraderie.


Work clothes that can’t be worn as everyday wear are considered tax-deductible. If you can’t pay for every employee’s uniform, at least they know they can claim the expense come tax time.


Branded clothing can come in any form. It isn’t only jumpsuits and hi-vis vests. You can brand polo shirts, dress shirts, blouses, blazers, and even skirts and pants. Branded clothing isn’t just for blue-collar jobs or retail workers. Any business can up their game by allocating branded clothes to their team.

Get a fresh look

A change in your branded apparel can give your company a quick and simple makeover. Think about big companies like QANTAS, Woolworths, or Coles. They regularly change and update their uniforms to keep the business feeling fresh and current. With lockdowns ending and a new era approaching, there has never been a better time to freshen up your brand.

Creating a branded apparel collection is easy. You can also set up a corporate store which allows employees to quickly and easily order uniforms to wear at work.

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