Understanding branded merchandise solutions

Branded merchandise solutions: Quantium branded merchandise pack made by Honeycomb Agency

What are branded merchandise solutions?

Branded or promotional merchandise refers to everyday or unique items that bear the logo of a particular company. Branded merchandise, creates solutions to allow your business to better connect with your customers through merchandise that is fun, trendy and functional.

For most of us, we have branded merchandise around our offices and homes. It could be a branded umbrella, a calendar with a company logo, or a cap or tote bag displaying a familiar brand name.

A branded merchandise solution is a business or agency’s strategy, where they choose, design and distribute branded merchandise to their customers. This also can encompass the strategy of sharing branded items with staff members, partners and other stakeholders.

Why choose a branded merchandise solution for your business?

Branded merchandise or promotional items are simply one of the most logical ways to help businesses to be noticed and remembered. In essence, it is like having tiny billboards everywhere, whether it be on a tote bag that someone uses in their day-to-day activities or a water bottle that they bring to every gym session.

One study found that a branded bag in Sydney will receive over 5800 impressions. The same study also found half of U.S. consumers who own logoed drinkware use it 2-3 times a week or more.

Sharing branded merchandise helps make your brand more memorable. If you give people something useful or worth hanging onto, it’s like you are advertising to them (not to mention the people around them) every day. On average, people keep their promotional items for eight months; that is plenty of time to make an impression.

How to choose the right branded merchandise solutions

Create an impact by choosing items that represent your brand and your tone of voice. For instance, an upbeat, youthful brand may choose to have fun with novelty items, unusual ideas and bright colours. A more professional business such as a financial magazine may decide to share embossed notepads or diaries, which are better suited for their target audience.

When it comes to branded merchandise, you are really only limited by your imagination (and perhaps your budget). However, you should aim to tailor your ideas to relate to your company and clients. Some ideas include:

  • Branded backpacks and towels (ideal for fitness studios)
  • Umbrellas for staff members
  • Office stationery
  • Water bottles and reusable coffee cups
  • Clothing such as hoodies, t-shirts, caps and socks
  • Novelty items such as fidget toys
  • Practical items such as key chains, bottle openers and glassware
  • Tech gifts like headphones, phone covers and mouse pads

Take branded merchandise to the next level

When there is something to celebrate, why not shape your merchandise solution to match? For example mark a major milestone by gifting stakeholders with branded champagne flutes.

Take the highly effective approach by personalising the brand merchandise you give to your prospective clients. If a branded item has a client’s name on it, they are likely to hold onto it for much longer. This can be a winning strategy at a conference or tradeshow because you are encouraging delegates to place a request for a branded item and then return to collect it at the end of the day. Your business will have the opportunity to ask for their telephone number or email address, which can help to continue the relationship.

Thousands of businesses around the world develop a branded merchandise solution as part of their marketing because it has proven time and time again to work. It can involve very little cost per item and be highly effective in terms of return on investment.

A final statistic: Consumers are nearly 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to internet advertising. This is why so many brands continue to use this form of marketing to attract attention and stay memorable.

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