Turn your event promotions up a notch

Busy trade show floor with exciting event promotions

Live events are back!

So many trade shows, conferences and live workshops were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic but people finally are getting back into attending events in person.

Now’s your chance to impress those prospects. Come out of the gates with a bang and prepare some impressive promotions to grab attention as people return to live events.

Event promotion ideas to get more people to your stands

Personalisation is key

An area we specialise in at Honeycomb Agency is personalisation. This makes such a difference to lead generation because it creates a stronger and more memorable experience.

When you offer a personalised gift, visitors are more willing to answer your questions and have a chat while they wait for their item to be ready.

If you’re offering something like on-site embossing, you’ll have a second chance to connect with prospects when they return at the end of the day to collect their item.

There are a huge range of product and decoration methods that can be matched to your brand and your service so reach out to share some ideas and explore your options.

A recent implementation we did for a major brand offered a monogrammed gift in return for completing a short survey. The gift was personalised on-site and the delegates received text messages when it was ready for collection. Take a look at the video of the activation here

Offer prizes and redemption opportunities

Generate a buzz with ‘winning key’ prize promotions, claiming booths (to redeem tokens for merchandise), arcade-style games and more.

Add your keys or tokens to the event registration pack for the best results. Visitors will be prompted to stop by to take their chances, which gives you the opportunity to chat and to get their details. Prizes can be anything from free consultations to branded merchandise.

Photos and portraits

Quick caricatures or a two-minute professional headshot experience are very engaging and relevant in today’s world. Again, whatever chance you can take to collect an email address will help you generate post-event leads.

Asking someone to sit for a portrait also presents the opportunity to ask questions and qualify their potential as a client.

Share some tasty treats

A lot of us make decisions with our stomachs, especially during a long day at an event. Tempt your prospects with something irresistible in return for their email address or business card.

Games and competitions

Offering video games or pitting people against each other (in a fun way) will create an atmosphere of excitement around your booth and get people to slow down as they pass by.

You could try an oversized noughts and crosses/tic tac toe board or a ‘ring toss’ skills tester.

Have branded prizes ready as a way to promote your business… you could even come up with some fun consolation offerings for the ‘losers’ that are just as memorable as the grand prize. Take a look at some novelty gift ideas on our website.

Surprise, delight and find ways to continue the conversation

Even though it’s exciting to be allowed out of our living rooms, some people are dragging their feet when it comes to face to face interactions. If you can keep things positive and avoid a direct sell, you’ll have better traction. Unless someone is genuinely ready to buy straight away (which is not that common at an event), you will stand a chance of earning their business by putting a smile on their face and giving them a reason to remember you.

Want some exciting event promotion ideas? Contact Honeycomb Agency today.

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