Start 2021 on the right foot: Smart Steps to take now for better connections in 2021

Making plansfor success in the new year

Want better client relationships and warmer leads to start the new year?

While there is so much focus on closing off projects at this time of year, some of us might forget to put things in place to ensure a strong start to next year. Avoid playing catch up with these helpful tips to getting your lead generation and relationship nurturing on point!


If you haven’t planned your ‘thank you’ gifts to clients, then get on it! Ending the year by reminding them that you value the relationship is a smart move and their thank you call or email is the perfect opening for you to suggest a catch up in the new year. Or take the lead yourself, know when the gift is delivered and call the following day when they have you front of mind.

Remember to multi-task! While you’re segmenting your database to create your gift list, make a list of smaller accounts you plan to grow in the new year and identify where there might be markets with new potential clients.

There is still time to get some promotional calendars and diaries ordered (if you hurry).

These are a great mailout gift with lasting brand placement. Why not add a seed pencil with a message like, let’s pencil in time to catch up and see how things can grow. For a more premium look, personalise diaries for clients to elevate your gift and have it stand out from the others they may have received.


Remember your lists? It’s time to get your lead magnet giveaways, new client onboarding packs and gift with purchase branded products ordered (if you haven’t already). Make smart merchandise choices that complement your company values and marketing message. (Need help with this? Reach out to Honeycomb. We’re an award-winning promotional marketing agency for a reason!)

New starters joining your team? Don’t forget to arrange their onboarding packs and branded apparel, plus promotional items they can have in their arsenal for meetings and prospecting. Set them up to succeed, too!

Book now so it’s one less thing on your list after the break!

If you are planning training and development days to kick off the new year, fun and engaging virtual experiences are easy to integrate with your online sessions and are ideal for team and culture building.


Hit the ground running! Launch those direct mail campaigns, follow up those leads and start the year with an energy you plan to maintain. Did you leave it too late on some things last year? Be a power planner! If live events and trade shows are back on the calendar, get started on new concepts now. Register for our newsletters for handy resources, to find out what’s trending in B2B promotions and to see results from client surveys.

Want something unique to help you stand out from your competitors? Make time to talk with Honeycomb Agency and learn how to maximise returns on your promotional marketing investment.

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