10 Promotional Products to elevate your direct mail!

Promotional Products for direct mail
How do you increase your direct mail response rate?
With a creative promotional product!

According to a PPAI study, direct mail campaigns achieve a 50% better response rate when promotional products are included.

We know that most customers are time poor. As a result, many emails go unread. In this digital world, don’t underestimate the value of getting something tangible in the right hands. Get their attention with a promotional product that’s creative, works with your call to action and leaves a lasting impression.

Creative concepts in their post box
Keep your postage costs down with compact items that pack a big promotional punch!
  1. Say it with magic seedsseeded paper or plantable pencils!  What a great way to promote an environmental initiative, a spring campaign or a message about growth.
  2. Smart, water reveal messages! Hide your solution to their challenge. When it’s wet, it’s clear why they should give you their business. Check out this quick demo
  3. Custom magnetic words are a great way to get your product names or brand values on a fridge or whiteboard. Individual messages can be added if you want a more personal touch.
  4. Engage them with activity! Paint sheets work well with child friendly campaigns, or alternately,  to promote adding ‘a splash of colour’
Branding that goes straight in their pocket
Still compact, these products are useful and likely to be put in use!
  1. Screen (or lens) cloths, fully sublimated with a vibrant message. Not only seen by the user, but eye-catching to colleagues or passers-by.
  2. Reusable shopping bags are essential these days, but are often forgotten. Foldable calico bags are perfect to keep on hand and get your branding seen.
  3. An RFID protection card holder is ideal for a message on security or finance. Various branding options plus monogramming available for a premium target list.
  4. A compact first aid pouch is something you don’t think to buy but are very glad to have. Works well with messages about adventure, risks, health and family. Or simply, to say you care!
Remember to add a call to action and measure the impact of your direct mail campaign!

Want more ideas? Get in touch with Honeycomb and we’ll pitch some tailored to your brand and message.

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