End of financial year ideas for your staff and clients

End of financial year 2022 is approaching grab your merchandise before budgets close

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. If you still have some marketing budget to spend and want to avoid losing that money to tax, it’s a good time to invest in some promotional items.

There are plenty of things coming up in the calendar to plan for, or you can order promotional/branded items to reward your staff and clients.

We’ve saved you the stress of trying to figure out where to spend your excess funds by collating some ideas below. Put your orders in before the end of the financial year and you’ll reduce your overall tax bill.

Employee rewards

The midpoint of the year is a great time to recognise your team for their work so far. Place an order for updated apparel, branded coffee mugs, backpacks or even umbrellas, which are always needed around this time of year.

If you have a corporate store, the end of the financial year can also be a good time to offer credit to your staff. Two hundred dollars to spend on items of their choice can work well as a mid-year bonus.

Client gifts

Your leftover budget can also go towards client gifts. You might want to restock your supplies or think of some new ways to thank/congratulate your clients for their loyalty to your business.

A few ideas include:

Embossed journals (these can be fully personalised for your clients)
Laptop bags
USB hubs
Wine accessories
Coolers and picnic sets

These don’t all have to be handed out before the end of the financial year. The most important thing at tax time is that you pay the bill prior to June 30th. This means you can claim the deduction on this year’s tax return.

Back to the office

The past two years have been focused on working from home but life will be almost back to ‘normal’ come July and more people will head back to the office.

Welcome your team back to their desks, at least for a few days a week, with a handy pack that includes a:

Reusable coffee cup
Branded backpack
Desk Mat
Photo frame


There are several days and events coming up during the second half of the year.

Father’s Day is an obvious example but there are also the following:

Wear it Purple Day, August 26th
Women’s Health Week 6th-10th September
R U OK? Day, September 8th
Save the Koala Month, September
Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October
World Mental Health Week, 9th-17th October
Ride to Work Day, 19th October
International Men’s Day, 19th November
Movember, November
International Human Rights Day, 10th December

These events and many others all present opportunities to strengthen connections with your team and clients. An activity or gift highlights your organisation’s social purpose, which is very much a part of doing business these days.

Don’t miss out

The final reason to spend your promotional marketing budget before the end of the financial year is to avoid long wait times.

Production and delivery times have blown out thanks to the pandemic. Working with an agency eliminates your need to interact with overseas suppliers because we do it for you. Slower shipping times mean it is more important than ever to plan ahead and place orders early. We are even recommending our clients start gathering ideas and putting in their requests for the Christmas period. Ordering early will put you on the front foot in 2022.

The best thing about promotional items is that they can be ordered to suit almost any budget. Stock up for the full year over the next few weeks or grab a few things that will help you grow awareness and engagement over the coming months.

Need promotional gift ideas for EOFY? Contact Honeycomb today.

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