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Personalised promotional products

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Quotes like this remind us that it is ok to be ourselves and walk our own paths. Unlike days gone by, in the 2020s it is acceptable to embrace our unique traits.

As well as celebrating our differences, we are all looking for ways to be recognised as someone special. This is part of the reason why personalised products and experiences are having a ‘moment’ right now.

Take a look at why personalised promotional products are more effective than generic solutions:

The psychology of personalisation

Feeling like we are special or important is a basic instinct for most people. Without this feeling, it is easy to give up and stop trying. Take a look around or think about what you have achieved today… it is probably in the name of being important to one or more people, either at work or at home.

A personalised product taps directly into the need we all have. It sends the message, “You Matter”.

This product may have someone’s name on it or the owner may have been able to design it themself and add their own touches. It may also have customised features to suit their preferences. Either way, the item fills that need to feel unique and significant.

On another level, being able to personalise a product yourself also connects to the pressing urge most of us feel to have some sense of control in our crazy lives.

Web Psychologist and Researcher Liraz Margalit explained in a 2018 article that “Humans are naturally happiest when they are recognised and valued as individuals, and when they feel safe and in control of their experiences.”

It’s no wonder personalised promotional products tend to be so successful.

Think of some of the brands which have had enormous success with personalisation and customised experiences. These include:

  • Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign
  • Amazon’s ‘You might also like’ features
  • Nutella’s customisable jars (add your friend’s name for an instant personalised gift)
  • Netflix viewing recommendations
  • Banking apps that address you by name
  • Phone features that remember where you usually go and when, then give you an update on the traffic
Practicality matters too

Speaking of those smartphone features, as well as pandering to our egos and desire to feel special, personalisation makes our lives easier.

It’s much faster to identify which drink is yours when the bottle has your name on it. And when a gift arrives that fills a need (it could be as simple as a scarf in wintertime or a personalised mug for someone who is about to head back to the office after a long break), it is more likely to be used.

Combine the practical benefit of personalised promotional products with the psychological and you will have a winning combination.

For example, offer a customisable mug with someone’s name on it but allow the customer to choose their own design so they know it is uniquely theirs.

The incredible power of personalisation

Sharing a personalised promotional product with new or existing customers makes sense because you are appealing to their ego and also making their life easier.

As a business, sharing a relevant product rather than a one-size-fits-all item or one with little thought behind it is also ideal for your long term revenue.

Consider the much-shared statistic from the Gartner Group that 80 percent of your future profits will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers. Add to this that existing customers spend more than new ones, and the probability of converting an existing customer is 60-70% compared to 5-20% for a cold lead. Win a customer over with a personalised promotional product and they will be more valuable to you.

What’s more, according to the customer experience experts at Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalised experiences, while 90% say they find personalisation appealing.

When you take all these statistics into account (and there are many, many more which highlight the power of personalisation), it’s easy to see why delighting your existing customers by giving them a more personalised experience can compound to result in vastly improved revenue.

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