Why branded calendars make the perfect corporate gift

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This Christmas, why not gift branded calendars?

Despite the world’s increasing reliance on technology, glancing at a wall or desk calendar is still a daily habit for people at home and at work. This type of calendar never runs out of batteries, and you don’t have to wait for it to load!

Here are 9 reasons why branded calendars make the perfect corporate gift for your clients:

Calendars are useful: You can’t go past a paper calendar for ease and convenience. When you have one at home, you can add events as they come up, to allow the whole family to plan ahead. The same goes for the office; having colour-coded events and deadlines marked out can help to keep people on track with their tasks and projects.

Calendars last for a whole year: When you give a client or potential client a branded calendar, you know they will be in close proximity to your logo for 12 months.

A stress ball may be lost in a drawer and a drink bottle might end up in someone else’s hands, but a calendar stays put all year. That’s a solid 12 months of your brand being sighted every day because…

Calendars are looked at daily: Your calendar will have eyes on it on a very regular basis. When your clients turn to their calendar to sort out their busy lives, your brand will be there front and centre. Consider that a customer needs to encounter your brand several times before they make a purchase; your calendar will do a lot of the hard work for you.

Calendars come in many forms: Think wall calendars, desk calendars, magnet calendars, even mat calendars. These are all viable options, depending on what you think will work for your client.

Take the time to think about who you are gifting with a calendar. A desk calendar will be handy for office workers. Those who are out and about on the road might find something portable more effective. For people who work from home, a magnet calendar can go on their fridge where they will see it every time they enter the kitchen. Whatever your working day may look like there is a calendar option to suit.

Calendars are cost-effective: A branded calendar can make an impact and last for the whole year without putting too much of a dent in your budget. Many real estate agencies and trade providers give out calendars as free gifts as part of their marketing strategy.

Calendars are cheap to post: A flat wall calendar or a small magnet calendar is easy to send in the mail. That is especially important this year, with COVID restrictions making it more costly and time-consuming to send bulky packages.

Calendars can be custom-made: You can create a beautiful calendar full of stunning images and still keep your logo prominent. Your branded calendar can be a work of art that your client will want to have around.

There are so many options for the monthly images (or a single image). Fill each month with jokes or funny cartoons, use images from the local area, whatever matches your brand personality.

What’s more, you can add special reminders to your calendar. For example, a fire alarm safety company may print dates to check fire alarms on their calendar. A home cleaning service may mark dates for window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc.

Calendars are appreciated: People rarely buy calendars for themselves. It is the sort of gift that you don’t even realise you need until you have one in front of you.

Calendars are environmentally friendly: At the end of the year, a paper calendar can go into the recycling.

It is important that your branded calendar looks professional, matches your brand and is aligned with your marketing strategy. Don’t forget to add website links, your phone number or even a special offer QR code to make it easy for your clients to get in touch when they need to.

Contact Honeycomb for quality branded calendars that help to highlight your brand year-round.

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