What will your 2021 office Christmas party look like?

office Christmas party
office Christmas party

Get your Christmas office gifts and party right after a difficult year…

Everyone has really earned their office Christmas gifts this year after a rollercoaster of lockdowns, freedom days, supplier shortages and general pandemic fatigue. Life has looked different in 2021 and your end of year Christmas party probably will too.

Depending on where your team is based, it may not be as easy as usual to book a venue and have everyone rock up to celebrate in December. Numbers are restricted, border openings are up in the air and you never know who is going to find themselves in ‘iso’ next.

With all this going on but staff particularly deserving of a good party, it’s time to find some fun alternatives. Take a look at some office Christmas gift and party ideas that go beyond a basic Zoom catch up.

office christmas party

Make your online Christmas party special

The obvious solution as we (hopefully) come to the tail end of the pandemic, is to host a Zoom Christmas party. It may not be the same as everyone being in the same room but there are some ways you can still make your event personal and fun.

  • Have a theme: Themes are always a fun way to get everyone into the spirit. Think Spooky, Bad Taste, 80s, 90s, crazy shirts or whatever is easiest and most fun for your team. You can even do ‘bring your dog’ or challenge people to add the most creative backgrounds they can come up with.
  • Host a hands-on party: Make the theme a little more complex by organising an activity to focus the festivities. Running an activity helps to keep people engaged, keeps the momentum of the event in full swing and can produce some interesting results. Entertaining ideas for parties include:
  • Paint and Sip. Everyone can work on some arts and crafts together while having a tipple. Create a gallery in the office to showcase the art when you all return to HQ.
  • Beer or Wine Tasting. Learn more about your favourite beverage whilst gaining insights to your colleagues’ tastebuds. 2021 was low on ‘new experiences’, this could be one to remember.
  • Cooking Classes. Virtual guests can showcase their talents in their kitchen. Pizza making, scone baking, or creating cupcakes – you may uncover a masterchef in your midst.
  • Cocktails. We may not be Hawaii-bound but we can at least sample the sensory delights of the Mai Tai. Perhaps virtually travel the globe with cocktail creations from Europe to the Carribean. No passport required.
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt. This can be as active as you like. Have guests find bits around their houses, take photos, participate in challenges (perhaps Brickman-style) or keep the tasks vague to inspire creativity.
  • Send out party packs: Send everyone packs with boutique beers, gourmet foods, or just a mixed hamper to enhance the holiday vibes. You can even order packs printed with the unique QR code for your Zoom event to make sure no one misses out. Make it personal. Add the guests names to glassware, apparel or gadgets and let them have a momento of the occasion for years to come.
  • Challenge your team: There is a range of apps and online games that allow you to play in Zoom as teams. A trivia night Christmas party can be fun, and you can have some awesome corporate-branded swag to up the stakes.
  • Ask the team: You don’t have to come up with unique party ideas on your own. Talk with your staff and see what they fancy. Have a bunch of ideas and put them to the vote. You’re never going to please everyone but at least you can make the majority happy. Plus you never know what genius ideas might be rattling around in the heads of your team. They may have a partner or friend who mentioned a fun and original concept.

Whatever you choose to do this year, try to make it special and thoughtful. It’s been a challenging year and everyone deserves to be shown that their work is valued. This is why a gift pack to accompany a Zoom event will go a long way.

office christmas party

Leave it to the experts

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of arranging and sending gift packs to accompany your virtual function? Talk to Honeycomb. We have a range of ideas and can take care of personalisation, packing and delivery. We work closely with a network of suppliers so can navigate lead times, stock shortages and substitutions to make sure your event goes off as planned.

Get started ASAP and see out 2021 with a bang! Contact Honeycomb to see how we can help you with office Christmas packs this festive season.

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