WELCOME TO OUR BRAND: The Value of Smart Onboarding Packs

Welcome and Onboarding packs
WELCOME TO OUR BRAND: Smart onboarding packs for your team and your customers

Should you add welcome packs to your onboarding process? For new employees, new clients or both? A well-considered welcome pack goes hand-in-hand with a thorough onboarding process.

Remember the famous words of Will Rogers, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

3 reasons to give Welcome Packs to New Employees

  1. Starting with a new company can be daunting. Presenting a branded gift pack to the new starter changes their inner dialogue from ‘you’re lucky to be here’, to ‘they feel lucky to have you’. And who doesn’t want to be valued?
  2. The merchandise you choose for your pack will help to promote your company culture and start the newbie on the right track. Sleek corporate environment, playful and casual or somewhere in between? It can be tailored to the role, so your field and office staff get the packs that suit their day.
  3. Your staff become your best brand ambassadors, so branded merchandise during onboarding can help start these conversations. If they are spotted in the branded cap, holding their bottle or wearing their ear buds, observers see this as pride in the company brand. Great exposure for you!

3 reasons to give Welcome Packs to New Clients (Customers)

  1. Do you have competitors? If the answer is yes, then it’s a pretty simple concept. You need to stand out and you need to demonstrate from the start that you will go the extra distance for this client (or customer). An unexpected gift pack says just that.
  2. According to Nielson, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from their family and friends over what they see/read in advertising. An unexpected gift pack will be bragged about. Quality branded merchandise will be seen, promoting questions and opportunities for your company to be a hot topic.
  3. Clients who receive welcome or onboarding packs will often reach out to say thank you. This provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the other opportunities you may have with them, at a time when they are more receptive. Already thinking of your company in a positive way.

What should go in welcome pack?

The options are endless! It is important to consider what will appeal to the recipient but will also align with your brand’s core values. For example, if your company is committed to sustainability, you might want to include items made from renewable resources and that replace singe use items. (You can find ideas and pricing for some sustainable merchandise here)

For business clients, consider whether you want your brand and website front of mind on their desk or on something they can enjoy in leisure time. What is your message? What does your choice of product really say?

Interested in welcome or onboarding packs? Honeycomb Agency can suggest popular packs or tailor a pack to your brief. If you have other merchandise requirements, e.g. for trade events, we can work on programs to best use your marketing budget on versatile items that will work for you in various ways.

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