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Event Engagement: Maximise your ROI with pre, during and post event strategies.

The decision to exhibit at an event is not one to take lightly. There is the cost, the delegate demographic and your overall marketing strategy to consider.

So, once you’ve decided this IS the right market and worth your time and money, how can you make the most of your investment? Here are a few strategies the Honeycomb Team can recommend, to get visitors to you and keep your brand front of mind.

1. Invite them

Check out your database and find those located where your event will be held. A lot of companies advertise their stand number, but few go that extra mile, with a well-planned invitation concept. Try a chocolate bar with event details on the wrapper, and a golden ticket VIP invitation (Willy Wonka style). Or send them a branded game or puzzle with 1 piece missing. They’ll have to see you there to get the rest!

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2. On-Stand Activation

Big players swear by creative brand activation. An activity guests can participate in will be a great drawcard, with some options far more affordable than you might expect. Activations are most effective when aligned with a tagline or brand culture, so talk to specialists (like Honeycomb Activation) for a concept that will attract and engage!

3. Personalisation

With event merchandise, the focus is usually on the branding. What if you could personalise yours with on-stand engraving or foil stamping? Take the chance to capture visitor data as they enter their details to claim a personalised bottle, book, etc. The units are compact, but if you can’t make space, capture data and send out the personalised items after the event as a further opportunity to touch-base!

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4. Follow up

Once the exhibition is over, hours on the stand clocked, don’t forget to make the most of your leads! So many people get overwhelmed and do not follow up conversations in a timely manner. Plan your ‘thanks for visiting’ follow-up in advance.  You can promptly make calls to hot leads to schedule meetings and send info packs, including call-to-action, low cost products to everyone else.

If you want some further guidance on exhibiting, check out for some great resources from the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (of which Honeycomb Agency are proud members).

For help finding the perfect fit for your campaign, promotion, team tool or event, chat to the team at Honeycomb Agency. Want something unique? Ask us about custom concept products.

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