Six eco-friendly promotional products to elevate your brand

As we all look to minimise waste, many brands are trying to find creative ways to promote their products without having too big an impact on the environment.

While novelty gifts are always fun, they are just that; a novelty. It’s not nice to think they will end up in the bin after just a couple of weeks, especially after all the effort you put into them.

Sourcing eco-friendly promotional products is a way to come up with ideas which not only have more of a lasting impact, but which contribute to the minimisation of waste.

Here are some ideas to get your mind turning over:

Eco-friendly promotional products: reusable coffee cups

This promotional product kills three birds with one stone because it gets your brand out there, is used again and again, and helps to minimise the number of coffee cups and lids that end up in landfill.

You can order branded cups made from sustainable materials including bamboo or even upcycled natural fibres (wheat straw fibre is one example).

Include a note with your branded cups when you distribute them, to explain how they are helping contribute to a healthier planet.


Notepads are at least recyclable as they are made of paper. Take things a step further and look for notepads which are made from recycled paper in the first place. You can add your brand to the cover for a stylish look.

Recycled products

Speaking of recycling, the circular economy is the next big thing in the fight against waste.

There are plenty of products that are created from pre-used materials. One example is totes and bags made from materials including plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets and recycled fabric. You can also get caps, sun visors and lanyards which are made from recycled products.

Reusable containers

Lunchboxes, water bottles and food pouches are great ways to minimise the use of single-use lunch wrap and plastic containers.

Wooden and stainless steel options are long-lasting and can be imprinted with your company’s brand. Again, add a note encouraging the user to make the most of using their container to save the planet.

While we are on the subject, reusable cutlery and straws are other ideas for eco-friendly promotional products. These can come with nice containers, so it is easier to keep them clean and take them out and about.

Choose bamboo

Bamboo is a far more sustainable material than plastic or wood. It is fast to grow and releases oxygen into the environment. When looking for promotional products, aim to select bamboo as the planet-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic.

Living gifts

You can even tailor seed and sapling packaging to reflect your brand. Think about using seeds which could even thrive on an apartment balcony and send some out as gifts. The ultimate ‘win’ is a thriving plant that reminds someone of your business every time they look at it.

Invest in quality

Eco-friendly promotional products are made to last. You don’t have to choose, for example, low-quality t-shirts with designs that your target audience won’t connect with.

Go for a good quality product, use creative and great-looking artwork and the items you share with your staff and clients will be treasured for years to come.

Why choose eco-friendly promotional products?

Your brand’s reputation depends on far more than the products you produce. Increasingly, people want to buy from responsible companies which have a higher purpose.

You can incorporate eco-friendly promotional products into your message and share why you are a market leader for more reasons than one.

Want eco-friendly promotional product options? Talk to the experts at Honeycomb Agency today and let your product choice speak volumes.

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