Promotional gift ideas for Christmas 2021

Christmas gifts on table

With lockdowns and overseas delays throwing the transport and deliveries industries into disarray, now is the time to place your Christmas orders. Otherwise, you may risk a last-minute panic, limited product availability or worse still gifts delivered in the new year.

Especially on the east coast, Christmas in 2021 will be a time to celebrate and thank your staff and clients for sticking with you throughout this very difficult year.

Check out some of our holiday promotional gift ideas, hopefully one or two of these ideas resonate with you.

Outdoorsy promotional gift ideas

In the summer, Aussies head outdoors. Consider some of the great options for outdoor themed promotional gift ideas.

  • Water bottles: Water bottles are always an excellent promotional gift. In the summer months, everyone is happy to have a new water bottle to take out on sunny days. For an added eco touch, make the bottle aluminium or bamboo and glass. Bottles are also a great opportunity for gifts to be personalised.
  • Waist bags: Call them waist bags, bum bags, or fanny packs, a bag that straps around your waist is handy. They are perfect for getting out and about in the summer. They’re even back in fashion these days.
  • Caps and hats: Caps and hats are always an excellent way to get your brand seen. Not only are they useful as sun protection, they are one of the most visible ways to promote your brand to new buyers.
  • Picnic and BBQ: Summer is the season for BBQs and picnics in Australia. A BBQ set or a picnic cooler is a perfect summer gift for any Aussie.


Whether they play for fun or serious competition, few Aussies wouldn’t appreciate a sporty gift this summer.

  • Pedometer: As the weather warms up, a lot of your clients will be thinking about getting back on track. For those who were not inspired by the sunny season, New Year’s resolutions kick in soon after Christmas. What better time to give a belt or wrist pedometer as a promotional gift!
  • Balls: A foam ball is a good way to kick start some summer fun. Get your clients tossing a ball around the office or taking one to the beach with the kids.
  • Sweatbands: A sweatband for the head or wrist is another way to put your logo out there. Any client who is heading to the gym or sports field in the summer will appreciate a fresh sweatband for summer 2021/2022.


Many people travel to visit family at Christmas and if borders are open it is going to be a busy time. These gift ideas may be perfect for clients or staff who are heading interstate.

  • Luggage tags: Such a simple thing but many people don’t have them on hand. Giving a luggage tag around Christmas time could come in handy and it is a promotional gift which will be used for many years, particularly if you emboss their names on the tag.
  • Toiletries bag: A toiletries bag is also always a helpful gift for the frequent traveller.
  • Travel locks: This is another item that your clients or staff may not think of themselves but will be happy to have. A travel lock will help them feel secure when they travel.


These tech gifts will be appreciated at any time of year and make excellent promotional gift ideas that can be readily branded.

  • Electronic hubs: With the amount of devices and gadgets the average worker has around their desk, an electronic hub will always be welcome. A phone holder or a USB hub makes a perfect gift for any desk.
  • Cable managers: Help your clients or staff keep themselves and their cables organised. A simple but effective cable manager can transform their desk.
  • Tech magnet: The latest way to keep your phone hands free, tech magnets are perfect for securing phones. They can be used for driving or for holding phones on a desk.

Christmas promotional gift ideas

Get your clients into the festive mood with these Christmas-specific promotional gift ideas.

  • Santa hat: It’s impossible not to feel the Christmas spirit in a Santa hat.
  • Christmas decorations: Make sure the Christmas trees in your clients’ offices are decorated with your logo. Send Christmas decorations as gifts this festive season.
  • Sweets and chocolates: Christmas is all about treats. Treat your clients or staff to some chocolate bells.

Christmas gift delivery

Too busy to pack and send gifts yourself? 

Honeycomb makes your holiday promotion simple by packing and shipping gifts directly to your clients or staff. Simply let us know what products excite you, send Honeycomb delivery instructions and any personalisation requests, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Contact Honeycomb for promotional gift ideas this Christmas and make sure to place your order early so you avoid disappointment.

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