What is the perfect staff appreciation gift?

Perefect staff thank you gift
It’s that time of year again! You want to give your team something to show they are valued for their efforts throughout the year, but you’re stuck for new ideas. Check out some tips from Honeycomb on gifting done right!

Know your people, promote your culture

Sounds simple, but this is HUGE. It doesn’t mean you need to get a uniquely personal gift for every individual, but it does make a great starting point for your list. If you promote your work environment as being young at heart and attract employees with that promise, then a gift that is aimed at leisure and activity might make more sense than a leather desk set! You can find 10 great concepts here that might help.

Every gift sends a message

So, what do you want yours to say? ‘Here are the leftover promotional items we didn’t give out at the trade show’, ‘we bought boxes of chocolates in bulk’ or, ‘we truly value you and want you to know’.  Subtle branding or branding on a single component in a gift pack can be a great way to instil a sense of team, but bold branding that detracts for the gift can be a negative.

If you really want to WOW and add a personal touch, embossing, engraving or embroidery of the individual’s name or initials is the perfect way to elevate any gift.

Be realistic about budget

You don’t have to be extravagant with your gifting, but you should remember that giving something of poor quality is worse than giving nothing at all. If your budget is on the tight side, ask professionals like Honeycomb for recommendations. Don’t aim for hot new technology items then give a knock-off that will break by January.

On the other hand, with a generous budget, make sure you give a long-lasting gift they can appreciate for years to come. A lavish hamper can be a nice surprise, but it may not be as memorable.

Delegate to the right shopper

Finally, if you are too busy, hate shopping or just know that you’re not the best choice, find that person in your team who has their finger on the pulse. Maybe they are super friendly and know a lot about their colleagues. They might love browsing catalogues or chatting to suppliers about new ideas. Why overload yourself at this busy end of the year, if it can be a delight for someone else?

(And if this point speaks to you, then forward this blog to the new shopper, too!)

Interested in a curated catalogue from Honeycomb? We’ll save you some leg work and send through an interactive catalogue of gifts that meet your brief.  If you’re wondering if gifts or a party would be most appreciated by your team, then check out our Virtual Experiences. The best of both worlds, combining an engaging online party with ingredients and gift kits sent to each guest. Read our End of year celebration blog?

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