How to hit your 2023 business goals

Hit your business goals in 2023

If you’re like most business owners on your ‘must achieve’ list for 2023 you’ll have some key targets. Increased profits, new leads, improving client relationships and staff retention are critical goals for many businesses. We have put together some tips to help you get there.

We are heading into another year and you no doubt have big plans for what you want your business to achieve.

The no-brainer goal is higher revenue and healthier profits. To help achieve this, most businesses will have two clear objectives for the next twelve months:

  • To bring in more leads
  • To have great relationships with excellent people (this includes partners, staff and clients).

Here are some ideas to help you tick off these essential KPIs:

Business goal: Get more leads

Your existing clients are of course very valuable but new leads can help to drive significant growth.

To drum up leads and create a positive lasting first impression at your next trade show, consider a personalised brand activation.

Brand activation refers to the moment when a potential customer becomes aware of the existence of your brand. If you can attract people and engage with them in a more memorable way during a brand activation exercise, you’ll get more traction from your encounters with potential customers.

One of the best ways to engage leads through brand activation is with personalised items such as a notebook, a water bottle, a compendium or a key chain. Asking someone to share their details in exchange for a free gift and then requiring them to return to your stall at the end of an event doubles your exposure (not to mention keeping you top of mind when they take something special home with them).

Business Goal: Staff retention and engagement

Engaged staff tend to be more productive, training new staff is expensive and good people are harder than ever to find in today’s job market.

In 2023, keep your staff engaged and help them feel appreciated by following a clear strategy around branded merchandise.

One way of doing this is to set up a company store and give everyone an annual budget to spend. This takes the stress out of keeping lots of stock at your office and trying to figure out how much to order in advance. Your company store can have specials and ‘limited release’ items that get people excited to showcase your brand on their clothing, backpacks or desk.

Branded employee journey packs make excellent gifts for anniversaries or project milestones. Gifts like these may seem like a small gesture but they show your team members that they are appreciated and that their work is valued.

Don’t forget about onboarding packages, which help to improve new employee experiences. We have an extended article about mastering onboarding here.

Business Goal: Nurture your most valuable clients and partners

In the same way your team members need nurturing and support, so do your clients and partners.

Branded gift packs are a simple and effective way to let key customers, suppliers and referral partners know they are important to your business.

– If a client has been with you for a year, send them an anniversary gift to celebrate

– If a referral partner sends a big client your way, use branded merchandise to say thank you

– Welcome new customers with a free gift or onboarding pack

– Let your suppliers know you appreciate them by sending over something special

Personalised merchandise will take that extra step to let people know you appreciate them and make your business stand out from the competition

Honeycomb can help you achieve your goals

Whether you are improving experiences for new leads, staff or existing stakeholders in your business, branded merchandise is a cost-effective strategy that has been proven to work time and time again.

Talk to us about solutions that reflect your brand, your people and your target audience. We have endless creative ideas that will increase exposure and goodwill so you can grow your business in 2023.

Make it your new year’s resolution… reach out to Honeycomb Agency today.

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