Cancelled event? Creative ways to keep your brand front of mind

Cancelled event, Now what?
Cancelled events threatening your pipeline?
Get Creative and keep your brand in front of your target market

Exhibiting at an event can be a great way to showcase your products and services in a setting were visitors are receptive and likely in the market for what you offer.

With COVID-19 concerns causing event cancellations, many are reassessing their marketing efforts. To keep your brand front of mind, it’s time to navigate around that cancellation curve ball.

Going Online

A lot of events are moving online. Drive more traffic to webinars with a physical invitation. Think outside the box, with an invitation printed on a screen wipe or compact mousemat as a tie-in to the online nature of the event. Other creative ways to keep your brand front of mind during the webinars could be branded snack packs, desk toys or webcam slides for right on their screen.

If you’re trying to increase traffic to your own online content, generate a buzz with exclusivity. Cordially invite your targets to view the information that was to be revealed at the event, giving them a QR code, a scratch card, or water reveal secret message.

A Hook for New Business

Was your primary reason for exhibiting to capture new leads? Your target audience is likely to be bombarded with emails following the cancellation announcement. Catch their attention with something creative in their mailbox.

Remember to add a call to action! Schedule a meeting, register for a demonstration, request a proposal, etc. If your product concept is creative, you are far more likely to grab their attention. Check out some ideas from us to get you started.

Incentivise F2F

Maybe the event has been cancelled, maybe your customer’s office is even closed. But why not tee up meetings? Consider scheduling appointments for the day the event was due to be held. Even if you just meet for coffee, providing customers an opportunity to meet could give you the edge, especially with those who are less tech inclined.

Increase your acceptance rate with a creative hook. What can you offer that will make them leave their office? Meeting ‘thank you’ packs, with branded merchandise components, vouchers for special offers?


The key to standing out is being memorable. What would you remember?

Interested in discussing creative concepts that will work for your brand? The team at Honeycomb Agency loves a creative challenge! GIve us a call on 1300 134 471 or send us your brief online.

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