Hard working Promotions: Calendars and Diaries never take a day off

Calendars and Diaries for promotional campaigns

Calendars and diaries are useful and provide daily, weekly and monthly brand impressions. Though some feel that technology has pushed these aside, the fact is that they now have a renewed value. They have become less common and free, promotional planners have increased in demand!

Do people still want printed calendars and diaries?

Yes. They do. While much is scheduled using technology, surveys show that 48% of working people refer to wall calendars, (more than the 40% who view calendars on computers). 78% of businesses have printed wall calendars in their offices (with the average of 2 per business). And, since 50% of people admitted to printing calendar pages from a computer to have a hard copy, there’s clear potential for your branded calendar to find a home on their desk or wall!

Why choose calendars for a promotional campaign?

  •  As noted above, the regular reference to a calendar means more chances to get your marketing message across. Maybe March’s offer or tag line didn’t strike the right chord, but April’s is the right message at the right time to get them on your website.
  •  If your campaign is to be direct mail, then compact calendars are the perfect option. They keep your freight costs low and they are easy to pack and distribute.
  •  There is a calendar style that will suit your brand, audience and budget. Whether it’s an advent calendar with edible treats, just as a countdown to your big sale, or the new year. Or a versatile desk calendar might be better for those who don’t want one on the wall?
  •  79% of people pass on promotional products rather than throw them out. So maybe someone else in the office needs a calendar? Your brand is still on show!

Are diaries the better option?

It depends. What is your brand culture? Who is your target market? It is important to think about the recipients and how they work.

For example,

  • Sales Representatives or field staff might find a diary more practical and it can help to have a back up for the inevitable tech issues experienced when recording job notes.
  • A high-quality diary with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover is a lovely gift. If planning to give end of year/ Christmas gifts, then a personalised diary is perfectly timed to keep you at the forefront of their thoughts in the new year.
  • If onboarding new staff for a new year start, a diary with custom company content is a great way to provide reference material and encourage note taking, while welcoming them to the team.

The key points to remember when designing a planner:

  • Think, would you want to look at it every day? Is it visually appealing and appropriate in relevant settings? If your client or prospect has received another, will yours be the one that takes pride of place?
  • Make the most of the messaging opportunity. Add your website and logo to every page of the calendar and tie in messages of seasonal relevance or valuable industry knowledge. In diaries, add content pages periodically that are useful and informative to increase the chances of having them kept, while positioning your brand as industry experts.
  • Do you promote an environmental commitment? Consider printing on recycled materials or giving your calendar a second function (like a pencil caddy or coaster set). Opt for a diary with a refillable cover so the inserts change yearly but the cover is retained.
  • If your organisation supports a charity or an organisation that would benefit from increased exposure, include their imagery and content and provide them copies to sell to raise funds. Social conscience and community support are things customers value from suppliers.
  • Get them out early! If you leave it too late, they’ll buy their own. Then there’s little chance yours will get used.

Want to learn more or talk through options?

Honeycomb can help with creative ideas on how to customise your calendars, personalise diaries and streamline distribution.

*Statistics shown are from research by The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). www.ppai.org

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