Boost Brand Awareness with Custom Face Masks

Branded Custom Masks

5 ways to boost your brand with custom face masks


COVID has hit a lot of businesses hard and made us rethink how we can communicate with customers. Trade shows are on pause or have gone virtual, making it even more important to capture the attention of your target market in new and creative ways.

One thing the pandemic has given us is the opportunity to get messages seen in more places via walking advertisements.

Custom face masks are turning members of the public into premium brand ambassadors!

Why are custom face masks a winning promotional product?

In some places mandatory and others, popular by choice, face masks are becoming scarcer in supply and thus are in high demand.  With these circumstances likely to continue for many months to come, now’s the time to look at how your logo, message or creative design could work on a mask!

Here are 5 ways you can use custom masks to boost both brand awareness and brand perception.

Promotional Giveaways

Get you brand in the hands of as many people as possible by giving them away! Who doesn’t want a free mask?! Consider sweetening the deal with a social media competition. Post a photo wearing the mask for a chance to win.

Staff Use

Consumers like to support a company that is responsible and takes care of its people. Giving your employees masks shows you care about the health and well being of both staff and customers. Custom masks make staff more recognisable and provide an opportunity to include a more detailed message or a fun twist (e.g. a zipper, with text ‘Sorry. I can’t tell you what’s in our secret sauce’, or simply a big smile for a warm greeting)

Merchandise at point of sale

Looking for a value add/ upsell idea? A display of attractive masks at the register or reception desk could be the way to go. Especially when someone has forgotten theirs or sees everyone else in masks and wants to follow suit.

Gift with purchase

If you want to get your brand seen around town and make your customers feel like they received something extra, add a custom mask to their bag at check out. Consider working it in to a loyalty program and rewarding those who visit again, wearing the mask!

Lead generation promotion

Need a new lead magnet on your website or call to action for your ad? Offer a mask (or pack) with quote requests, email subscriptions or whatever works for you! They are light and easy to post, so perfect for direct mail, allowing you to include some other marketing collateral. Don’t win their business? You still get them promoting your brand when they wear their free gift.

If you want to create something that has a huge impact then a complete sublimated design is the best vehicle for you, but if you want to act fast and get your brand out there, a 1 week express print is the way to go. In any case, Honeycomb can help with design and recommendations. Get in touch and we’ll get your name on the lips of more people, faster.

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