A-Z of Effective Team Management in 2021


Fear of the unknown is never positive in the workplace, so be sure to communicate 2021 plans with your team. Hearing them said can be more impactful than reading them in an email.


Create opportunities for team members to work together, when located in the same office or working remotely, a shared goal with help them to feel more connected in general. Or go broader, with a live, virtual or hybrid team event to start the year.


Remember your company culture and seize opportunities to remind your staff that they are part of something! Branded caps or t-shirts with a 2021 team motto, motivational journals or novelty items can get the year’s message and focus front of mind.


Show that you are committed to making 2021 a successful year for the company and for your individual team members. Your drive will help to motivate theirs.


So much has been out our hands in recent months. Give your staff the power to drive projects, make decisions and improve their own skills. Encourage them to put their hand up to take ownership.


Look for ways you can make navigating the new work environment more streamlined and group work more rewarding, by providing tools, resources and supportive environments for advancement.


Don’t just promote business as usual. Make it known that growth, both personal and in terms of business success, is a 2021 priority. Of course, don’t promise what you cannot, in terms of job security. Growth can also mean small daily steps that contribute to positive outcomes.


Not just for your people, but for all people. Consider a program that will allow your business to give back to the local community or ways you can recognise contributions of your team outside of the office. How can you and your team help 2021 be brighter for others?


The changing world has meant business pivoting is the new norm. Make it known you welcome ideas and embrace innovation and get your team energised with the prospect of being involved from the initial brainstorming stages.


Regularly update your team on progress, acknowledge the challenges and reward the wins along the way. A completion date may feel a long way off, so keeping positive along the way can boost energy levels and help with refocusing the team.


Sounds simple, but when it’s missing, you will find you’ll struggle with staff morale. Above all, your team is made up of individuals with different ways of working and thinking. Some might be struggling to adjust to changes while others are wanting to streak ahead and find delays frustrating. Treat everyone with respect. Consider a buddy system or care packs if you sense a drop in mood.


Regardless of how busy you are, every team needs to make time for laughter and socialising. You may already have this culture, but if you feel the team needs a boost, consider ending team meetings with a funny video, themed video conferences or light-hearted games and competitions.


Acknowledge and reward milestones. Length of service with the company or achievement within specific projects. Staff undertaking training who complete new certifications, etc. Give gifts, plaques or schedule a ceremony quarterly where the company can join to applaud what has been achieved.


Keep an eye on quiet achievers and new starters. Staff retention plummets when people feel like their efforts or potential goes unnoticed. If there are ways to help your team members realise improved performance and further develop, give them the guidance and access to the support they need to succeed.


Encourage staff to seek and seize opportunities. This means externally, growing your business (relevant to your industry) and internally, when they feel they have value to add to a project, etc. Sometimes, the best ideas come from fresh eyes and an open mind. If your staff read, hear or see something that sparks an idea, a new approach to your target market, then make them confident to act, share and report on these new opportunities.


A plan in place sets staff at ease and allows you to see where and how you will utilise the strengths within your team. It can be disconcerting to an employee when they cannot get answers and can lead to them seeking more certainty and stability elsewhere.


A new year is a new chance to review the ways things have been done. Is this the best way? Are their new products and tools available you could be implemented to improve productivity and team satisfaction?


Performance reviews may be dreaded by some, but others thrive on getting feedback and direction. You cannot leave your staff to continue working in a way that is not optimal, then blame them for lack of output. Similarly, if you have staff outperforming colleagues and it goes unnoticed, what message does that send?


Performance reviews may be dreaded by some, but others thrive on getting feedback and direction. You cannot leave your staff to continue working in a way that is not optimal, then blame them for lack of output. Similarly, if you have staff outperforming colleagues and it goes unnoticed, what message does that send?


If you want your people to perform at their best, you need to provide training regularly. While a new starter may know the latest tech and industry advancements, an existing employee knows your business, your clients, how you culture works, so training them up on what’s new means you are well ahead of the game.


All staff have strengths and weaknesses, learn things differently and can make incorrect assumptions. Ensure your staff are understanding what’s expected of them in 2021 and show them your understanding of the way they work and how to get the best performance from them.


Within your community or industry, look at how you and your team can volunteer time and energy to help others, improve your knowledge, understanding and compassion. This can look very different depending on your industry and circumstances but doing something without a dollar value will boost your team.


Promote a healthy balance of screen and meeting time, fresh air and personal connections. This is important for every member of the team. You could even give out wellness packs and host a morning yoga or meditation session, or have step counts and water drinking target challenges.

X-tra 1:1

(ok, strictly speaking, not an X word). This means making yourself available for more 1:1 chats, whether face to face or virtual. It is easy to let a weekly catch up get pushed back, or to turn a meeting into an email due to time constraints but make time for these and you’ll learn more. Yes, YOU’LL learn more about what is going on with your staff. And early enough to enact change.


Don’t neglect yourself in your efforts to make everyone else feel supported. If you are run down and not in the right mind set, you may in fact be projecting a less approachable version of yourself. An energised leader will always be better received by a team than a drained one. Remember your wellness, too!

And, finally


(ok, again not a word) Switch off! Unwind and rest, relax, refresh! Remind your team to keep their hours manageable and practice what you preach.

The team at Honeycomb Agency love nothing more than to find the perfect item that says, thank you, well done, keep going, you are valued! Contact us today and let us help you, make the right connection.

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