10 Steps to Better Team Morale in 2020

HAppy staff: Boost staff morale

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has changed our working world. In response to these challenges, we need to work harder to achieve better team morale in 2020.

Recent studies show up to 45% of adults feel an adverse effect on their mental health, with up to 70% stating this period has been the most stressful in their career.

While none of us have the answers right now, there are ways you can shift focus and add some positivity within your team.

Less pressure, more communication

1.  KPIs and targets

Depending on their role, some employees might need clarity on performance expectations. You might think it goes without saying that a pre-COVID target is not applicable now, but it’s worth spelling this out to avoid any anxiety staff might have bottled up.

2.  Make time to talk

People respond to change differently. With staff working remotely (or in the office but distancing), the social aspects of the working day have diminished. Set time aside to chat and check in on each other.

3.  Inject the day with fun

Shift the focus! Be creative with communications, celebrate the smallest of wins and seek contributions from the team. Theme days and surprise games or competitions can be a welcome distraction but still add value as team building exercises.

Demonstrate a commitment to health and safety

4.  Masks with a message

Supply your team with masks (whether they are mandatory in your area or not). Something plain to suit all tastes, or for customer-facing staff, customise masks with creative messages or designs that will spark a smile.

5.  Informative custom notebooks

Reference material is important when procedures change. Give employees accurate information (using government content or your own). Why not incorporate this into company branded notebooks that can be kept on hand for easy reference and additional note taking?

6.  Personal supplies

Communal lunchroom mugs and utensils are not so popular these days! Encourage staff to BYO or go one step further and brand packs for your team! Popular eco-friendly items like reusable cutlery, straws, lunch boxes, cups and drink bottles make excellent staff gifts (many can even be personalised) Get some ideas online.

Show you plan for their future

7.  Re-skill / study opportunities

Where a role has been significantly impacted by COVID-19, it is normal for a team member to question their ability to add value and struggle with the uncertainty of their future. Supporting their training or study in an area that would benefit their career (and ability to contribute more in the workplace) will demonstrate their future is important to you, too.

8.  Christmas 2020

Christmas Party on shaky ground? There are plenty of creative ways to thank your team. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift, DIY cocktail packs sent to be enjoyed on Zoom, or pop-up parties for various satellite locations. Start planning early for more customisable options! Find out how Honeycomb can help

9.  Uniform program

If it’s been awhile since your uniform was updated, now is the perfect time. Consult with staff for their feedback on comfort, style and practicality. Engaging them in the planning process (and potentially a team fitting) is another way to send the message that their employment will continue.

10.  Talk 2021

It’s hard to set goals for 2020 with so much still uncertain, but it is a fantastic time to prepare for 2021 with a focus on the things you’re usually too busy to prioritise. Start pencilling in things (with a view to ‘ink’ in the months ahead). Check out custom 2021 diaries, too.

The most important message for every member of you team right now, is that they are valued and not alone.
But remember to apply that logic to self-care, too.

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