Lead Generation Experiences

Capture Their Attention and Their Data for Greater Post-Event Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to attract more visitors to your stand? Would you like to know more about them to help develop your post-event sales approach?

Engaging Honeycomb to deliver your brand experience provides 2 valuable outcomes. An on-stand activity that will attract visitors and a desirable offer to make them willingly provide their information. Tailor the questions asked to get the quality data you need!

Live Personalisation Experiences

Attract leads and boost engagement with gifts that are in high demand! Studies show consumers love personalised items, paying more and waiting longer to receive them in retail stores. So, when you offer this amazing brand activation at your event, visitors are more willing to answer your questions, chat while waiting or even return to connect further when they collect their item!

Extensive range of products and assorted decoration methods are available to ensure a good match for your message.

Watch our video to see the great results we achieve for clients!

Virtual Events and Experiences

Personalised Onsite

Invite us to your office or venue to personalize gift items on demand! More fun than Secret Santa! Staff can choose to add a nickname or message for themselves or their colleagues. With an extensive range of merchandise, we can provide something to suit all guests (staff, families, clients).

An engaging experience and a perfect keepsake.

Prize & Redemption Experiences

Generate a buzz on your stand with winning key prize promotions, claiming booths (to redeem tokens for merchandise), arcade-style games and more! Add your keys or tokens to the event registration pack for the best results. As visitors stop by to take their chances, you’ll get a chance to chat and to get their contact information. Prizes of promotional merchandise keep your brand front of mind after the event.

Post-event Lead Generation
Post-event Lead Generation

Portrait, Photos & Effects

Make your stand memorable with a unique, creative experience. A personal caricature drawn for visitors so they takeaway a positive view of your brand with their custom sketch. Or an interactive photo experience where they’ll feel like part of the team!

Portrait (sketch or photo) experiences are ideal to promote your commitment to personalised service, your message of individuality, or just to make your stand more memorable to visitors! We have great ideas to maximise the impact of your activation, so get in touch and get planning!