Fulfillment Programs

Honeycomb Agency is experienced in producing and providing client merchandiser for a range of purposes including conference and event merchandise, school and club uniforms, Corporate work wear and safety attire.

We believe that every piece of merchandise is a branding experience and opportunity for users to identify with an organisation or affiliation, which increases the connection or ownership of the product.

The benefit of a fulfillment program is the ability to shop on demand. Once your product base is set up, we hold your customised stock on your behalf, and with the click of a mouse you can request product delivery. There is minimal wait time and costs remain fixed from when your inital order is placed.

Honeycomb Agency offer unique online solutions and merchandise programs specifically designed to engage and enhance your brand's performance.

We'll provide you with a competitive edge in:

- Merchandise catalogues

- Special Event and conference merchandising

- Corporate Gifts

- Trade Promotions

- School and Club uniform programs

- Storage and distribution

Our customers know they can receive quality products, on time, as per specification and within budget. That's fulfillment! We have to do it right because your brand depends on it.